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exciting competition for AO40

AMSAT-UK is delighted to announce a special design competition to develop a
new logo for Oscar AO40!

We are looking forward to receiving lots of entries and being able to add
to the funds that support the development of our amateur satellites.


To design a new logo for the AMSAT OSCAR 40 satellite to supersede the
existing P3D logo. To help publicise the existence of this major new amateur
radio achievement. To contribute to AMSAT funding.


A competition which is open to all-comers, requiring the design of a badge
that can be employed as a visual  tag for AO40 in print and on websites,
ties, patches etc.

The graphic will be produced in electronic format in high resolution colour
suitable for use on  large posters as well. (the winning graphic would also
need to be suitable for reproduction in Black/White).

Copyright or a free licence to use it will transfer to all AMSAT groups upon
acceptance of the design.

Selection of the winner will be by a judging panel comprising of all
attendees at the  AMSAT-UK Colloquium in July 2001 with the senior(ranking)
AMSAT Officer present having overall right of acceptance.


Closing date of competition 15th July 2001
Announcement of winner and publication of winning entry July 29th 2001


Prize for the winner - Accolades from their fellow amateurs around the world
and free membership of AMSAT-UK for one year!
Prize for the P3D fund (or its successor) via AMSAT-UK - an anonymous
donation of UKP 250

Entries should be submitted by electronic means in gif or jpeg PC format by
15th July 2001 to g3vzv@amsat.org who will also answer any queries you may

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