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Re: Type N connectors question for the experts.


> Speaking of those butane torches, do they work well? 
> Is it poossible to get the connector too hot? 

I put the flame only on the side/edge of the connector (sort of at 90 degrees, tangent) and solder on two sides, not all the way around.  If you put the flame right in the middle, you will melt the coax center insulator and risk shorting out the center conductor.

> are they as weather proof as a PL259 !?

The PL-259 is not very weather proof at all, especially around the threads.  These two piece N-units should be much better, but you should still seal the connector where the two pieces meet (I use electrical tape, but there are much better products out there) and where the coax enters the fitting.
Jerry, K5OE

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