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Fw: C Band STUFF

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From: "Robert Jewell" <ac9r@home.com>
To: <anmsat-bb@amsat.org>
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 4:16 PM
Subject: C Band STUFF

> Received Winegard DSS dish position indicator.  (Purchased from Camping
> World).
> It appears to measure from about 7 degrees to 72 degrees in elevation, in
> one degree increments.  Elevation indicator response time should be quick
> enough to follow automated dish movement.  But, I will be using mine on
> C Band dish with manual control.  It will have to be mounted off of
> to compensate for the DSS dish mounting.  It has a self calibrating
> I will try to get it installed on my C Band dish today.  Comes with about
> ft of cable.  I will try an additional length and see how far away I can
> mount the elevation indicator.  It works off of a 12VDC supply, if well
> filtered, or an internal 9vdc battery.
> As previously posted, the C Band dish hears and records signals the "main"
> system cannot even hear.  The C Band dish was marked with a metal punch to
> indicate the original settings in azimuth.  The six bolts have been
> to permit "Armstrong" azimuth rotation.
> The downconverter is a 3733, with the dipole.  It is currently used with
> Icom PCR 1000.

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