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Re: Type N connectors question for the experts.

Stan, you're the only one to give a thumbs down to the two piece type N 
connector so far. Everyone else likes them. But I don't know if they're 
better or worse yet.

The clamp on one have a little rubber ring to help with water proofing, I 
like that.  I use short runs of 8267 around the rotor because it's more 
flexible than 9913.

73, KB7ADL

At 02:17 AM 4/30/01 +0000, Stan <stan@capeonramp.com> wrote:
>Hello Vince,
>If you paid about 3$ each for those 2 part N's where you solder the
>shield and center pin onto one part, then those are the CHEAPO's, good
>for DC power lines and HF. They have performance problems after 6M.
>Amphenol makes a quality, wrench clamp, solder center pin,
>for 9913 and LMR400 and LMR400-ULTRAFLEX. it is their part number
>82-202-1006 for a N(male)less than 6$ in quantity.
>I buy them from RF connection at 1-800-783-2666
>or from ALLIED
>TROMPETER ELECTRONICS also make a quality 3 piece wrench clamp
>N(male) connector for many different cable diameters.
>I do not play with BELDEN #8267
>Stan, WA1ECF

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