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Re: TNC Software

Bob Bruninga wrote:

> In my minority opinion, you are best not to use any software at all, but
> just use any dumb terminal emulator such as HYPERTERM that is built into
> any PC.. THis way YOU are operating the TNC and not someone else's
> software.   

I heartily endorse this approach. A TNC is a little communications 
computer all on it's own. In the olden days they weer used with just a 
"dumb" terminal with no processing smarts of it's own at all...just a 
RTTY without the R.

Of course...Hyperterm comes with *Windows*; it's not "built into any 
PC". Folks who are running Linux can use Minicom, and DOS users have to 
go scrounge something like Telix or Procomm. Or Term90, which used to 
come with Norton Commander.

I better stop before I trigger another nostalgiafest.

Palm Pilot TNC users have ptelnet....

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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