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AO-40 Orbit 225 Pictures

Hi All,

The pictures taken during orbit 225, and downloaded during orbits 225 and
226 are now available from the ftp site.


The pictures are in the pics225.zip file, in the archive zip.

Many thanks to all who contributed telemetry!

Some notes from G3RUH follow!

Paul Willmott, VP9MU
AO-40 Telemetry Archive

Camera Pictures Orbit 225 MA 243-247
Ten pictures were taken at 2 minute intervals.  The JPEG quality was Q=25 in
order to keep the file size small, and the same Q as was used for Earth
pre-incident.  The JPEGs are 256 greyscale.

Based on NORAD keplerian elements (rev 218), conditions were:

                         2001 Apr 27   Rev 225
  Image     Filename        utc          MA
   P1       171248.JPG     1712:48     243.16
   P2       171447.JPG     1714:48     243.61
   P3       171645.JPG     1716:48     244.06
   P4       171843.JPG     1718:48     244.51
   P5       172042.JPG     1720:48     244.96
   P6       172240.JPG     1722:48     245.41
   P7       172438.JPG     1724:48     245.86
   P8       172637.JPG     1726:48     246.32
   P9       172835.JPG     1728:48     246.77
   P10      173034.JPG     1730:48     247.22

The IHU-2 clock was checked and found correct within a few seconds.

Spin rate is 2.02 rpm

1. The spacecraft spins some 14 deg during the exposure; there is some
   minor distortion.

2. The Earth's edge is in most of these images, and the angular distance
   from the bore-sight indicates an attitude of alon/alat = 85/12 with
   pin-point convergence.  Accuracy approx alon/alat 0.1°/1°.

3. 172637.GIF shows AO-40's view of the Earth when image P8 was taken.  The
   square corresponds to the image frame.  Lines of latitude and longitude
   at 15° intervals.

4. The terminator is present in most of these images, and shows as blurring
   at one end of the earth's edge.

5. There is no land mass in these images (apart from Hawaii), so features
   due to clouds only.

6. The images are much degraded compared with those of before the motor
   failure, and possibly indicate a deposit on the lens.

2001 Apr 28 [Sat] 1628 utc

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