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Re: Type N connectors question for the experts.

I'm with Jim on this one.  These are the best thing since sliced bread.  You 
will never want to buy an old Amphenol ring/clamp style again.  I use a small 
pocket butane torch to solder the shield.
Jerry, K5OE

k6ccc@earthlink.net writes:

> They are great!  They are mechanically FAR better than the clamp style N
>  connectors, and in my opinion, much easier to install.  I will NEVER go 
> to
>  the clamp style connectors.  Just like a PL-259 however, your 27 watt iron 
> will
>  not generate enough heat to solder them.  I have a heavy duty high 
> temperature
>  45 watt iron and it works fine, but I would not use anything smaller for 
>  shield connection.
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