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TLM Decoding

Thanks everyone for your responses, particularly Howard Long.
This time Howard I have printed your explanation, hopefully I'll not have to
ask again.
Howard, you hit the nail on the head and cued the cluttered gray matter
upstairs. When I was using AO40Rcv, I was indeed listening to Alan's feed!
Great fun.
I will now pursue a fix for the socket error I get with P3T when trying to
jump onto Goddard.
I am interested in your "Remote" operation. I haven't broken into the FCC
rules yet, but I am playing with a project to operate my system, including
QSOs from my Fl home. I am in a Condo in FL which precludes a nice satellite
antenna system, so why not operate my OH rig from there?
Thanks again,
Gunther Meisse
P.S. Just completed the construction of my new 2m/70cm/23cm/13cm antenna
system this evening. Now for the coax into the shack and I'll produce my own
feeds. Hi.

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