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RE: TELM reception troubles

Hello Gunther

As far as I know the only feed from Goddard (garc9.gsfc.nasa.gov or IP
address, port 1024) is a data only feed for use with the P3T
Remote client software. I'm not aware of a way to listen to an audio feed to
Goddard. This will not be decoded by AO40Rcv: you need P3T to decode this.

The streaming audio is not centralized and is done on an ad-hoc basis from a
few stations.

Alan NE1H in particular, and on a few occasions myself, have also given
folks a live streaming audio feed on an individual basis in order for folks
to hear what it sounds like. It is possible to decode these audio streams
with AO40Rcv, although I think Alan's feed is of better quality than mine.
These will be the feeds you're referring to http:// etc.

Mine's normally on http://hlong.demon.co.uk/video.htm from Internet
Explorer, or http://hlong.demon.co.uk:1033 from Windows Media Player when I
run it, but it's not very often: when operating my rotators remotely
unattended recently I had a cable caught up which was not, of course,
immediately evident. This could potentially have been quite expensive to
repair, so I don't generally operate the station remotely or unattended at
the current time, until I've satisfied myself that this won't happen again!

Alan normally advertises his audio http:// URL on #amsat at the time or
sometimes on the -BB prior to the pass.

73 Howard G6LVB

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HELP ! !
I am having a SENIOR MOMENT.. I have watched the AO-40 teln via Goddard
Server a month or so ago. I didn't write down the set-up and now,, BRAIN
Question: 	#1. Is the server addressed: http://  or ftp:// ?
		#2.  I thought I received via Microsoft Windows Media Player of Real
Player. I have the output of the sound card 			going to the line input of
the card. I then brought up AO40Rcv and wallla! TLM Waterfall and all. Not
any 			more... If I try to just use P3 I get a socket error.
The only real thought that hit me last night was that perhaps I was going in
after the 200 user limit had been met.?.

All thought welcome..
Gunther Meisse

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