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AO-40 tracking results with aidc-3733 unit; ISS digipeat problems.

Not sure what part of the orbit this was, but when ao-40 was
out at 58,000 km it was not too strong only spent 15 minutes on it or so,
updated my website with results of modifications for the aidc3733 and
tracking, I didnt bother with it until I got the aidc unit running right
because tuning mods can cause it to spurious oscillate. Very hard
to  do any mods without proper test equipment.
See http://members.home.com/nn0v/index.html aidc and tracking pages.

I have tried beacons thru ISS as follows:
u en42 v nocall
tx freq 145.990 < doesnt seem to hear me
rx freq 145.800 < get packets from here
Checking my deviation it seems to be 3khz or so.
What is the deal with ISS packet, is the reciever turned way down
or its squelch turned way up? Used to be able to digipeat mir with
this same setup. I would not be able to hear it this well if the antennas
failed, checked output power and that seems good, so what is the
issue with digipeating ISS, use more audio than with mir?
terrestrial packet seems to work fine.
Those of you who do digipeat what if any difficulty or changes to your
setup were made?

--------chris nn0v-----------

> >Looks that way. I got 60 blocks of tele with a barefoot Millicom and K5OE
> >16-turn helix this morning--would have been more if I was better
> >here...but I ran from the time I woke up until the house eclipsed the
> >from POV my backyard tripod.
> >
> >73 de Maggie K3XS

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