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Re: TS-790a Mute and AO-40

Hi Rich,

My guess is that you won't get any CRC ok blocks unless you do the mod.  It 
will create a "gap" right in the middle of the data...only way possible is 
if the commands are sent between blocks (which isn't going to happen unless 
somebody very clever writes some incredible code...).  Or that doppler 
change is SO SLOW that no commands are sent to the rig during a block (not 
going to happen much, if ever, based on the all the passes I've worked so 

I did the anti-mute mod to my TS-790A quite a few years back---it was to 
the sub band only.  So, it would be reasonable to use the sub band with the 
DN; commands sent from within AO40Rcv.  In fact, putting one of the 
TranSystems converted to 144MHz out on the dish is one of the things on my 
"to do" list this week!  Perhaps today even...

For now, I've been using the Icom PCR-1000 and stock xtal in the 
TranSystem.  But it does require me being here for the whole pass.  What's 
a pity is that 1)Wisp doesn't predict doppler well enough (I'm assuming 
it's because of AO-40's orbit, combined with the S2 beacon freq?),  2)Nova 
for Windows doesn't have doppler correction/freq. control  3) that The 
Station 2 hasn't been released yet :)


Mark N8MH

At 04:53 AM 4/29/2001, Rich Dailey, KA8OKH wrote:

>I have an unmodified Kenwood ts-790a with the "mute
>problem"  when being controlled by the pc.
>Would like to gather comments regarding use of the 790a
>for tlm reception of ao-40 (144mhz).  Does the rx work unmodified,
>does the modification really help,  etc.  I trying to determine whether
>or not to freq convert a transystem for use with this radio (790 doesn't
>rx 123 mhz).
>Using Fodtrack and ao40rcv.
>tnx de Rich
>Rich Dailey, KA8OKH - Phyllis Dailey, KB4NPI
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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