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EPU tank and motor pressure telemetry equations?

Can anyone help unravel the discrepancy in the EPU tank and motor pressure
telemetry equations?

The telemetry spec for locations #101 and #102 give the equations for the EPU
pressure items:
Tank Bar = 0.815 * X - 1.381
Motor Bar = 0.835 * X - 1.253

The P3T program uses approximately the following equations:
Tank Bar = 0.084 * X - 1.3
Motor Bar = 0.082 * X - 1.4

To further confuse the issue, there is a document distributed with P3T,
"P3D_AnlgP.htm" that says:
Tank Bar = 0.835 * X - 1.253
Motor Bar = 0.815 * X - 1.381

Currently, AO40Rcv is using the same equation as P3T instead of the spec.  This
may get to be important if the EPU is activated for maneuvers in the near

Moe, AE4JY

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