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Re: UEK-3000

In a message dated 4/28/01 9:32:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time, kk2l@sunline.net 

<< Got me all uptight about the SSB UEK-3000....I have one on order.  Spoke
 to SSB and he assured me the unit is "weather-proofed".  I have been
 using the SSB mast-mounted preamps for  a number of years with no
 failures from weather or any other source.  SSB assures me the UEK is
 assembled basically the same.  If that is the case we will be happy.
 Any other users had problems??  73 BILL KK2L
My UEK-3000 is bolted directly to the Myers 2x3 reflector, about 2 feet away 
from the driven element, so it rotates with the antenna. It has been through 
several "frog-strangler" rainstorms over the past several months, and not a 
drop of water in the downconverter. (An aside, if there had been, I would 
have drilled a weep hole to let the box breathe.) The converter has been down 
twice, both times to replace the MAR-3 post amplifier, which I discovered 
does not like to be subjected to 25 to 100 watts of rf, even for a short 
time, going up the down wire(!) My arrangement is better now.

If there is any residual doubt in your mind, simply bolt the device to the 
tower or mast, so it will stay vertical and shed water like a duck.

I respect your approach, calling Jerry first, then asking questions, rather 
than making a statement of opinion.

73, Mike, W1BFN
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