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Re: Moon Landing Site Spotted

I totally agree with you TOM, these conspiracy theorist are completely
crazy! I had, long time ago, a private dinner with Buzz Aldrin and his wife
at the occasion of an official meeting with my space agency (CNES) in Paris.
A true private dinner (my wife and me, Buzz and his wife, only), but of
course I had collected before all the questions my engineers and french
scientists wanted to be asked . Buzz should have had a mountain of organized
imagination to answer these questions if the first walk on moon surface had
been a fiction !!!
Here also, near Paris, the URL does't work.
Best souvenir and 73's Tom.
Jean-Edmond Gruau F8ZS, retired "general inspector of french activities "
and reporting directly to the french Minister for Research.

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> Jeff Davis wrote:
> >
> > Interesting story at Space.com:
> >
> > WASHINGTON - Put aside those absurd claims the Apollo moon landings were
> > hoax. Two scientists pouring over photos taken by a lunar orbiting
> > spacecraft have eyed evidence for a touchdown.
> > New research led by Misha Kreslavsky, a space scientist in the
department of
> > geological sciences at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, has
> > found anomalies in the moon's surface in the vicinity of the Apollo 15
> > landing site.
> The URL didn't work for me.
> However on this topic: Several of the Apollos carried corner cube
> retroreflectors. Several observatories around the worldbounce signals off
> these "mirrors". To get returns, the laser and detector must be pointed to
> the landing site with an accuracy ~10 kilometers (5 arc seconds) and the
> returned photons are seen in a range window that matches the moon to
> than one meter.
> Also, during the Apollo 17 mission, the S-band downlink of the "go-cart"
> and the LEM were tracked with radio interferometer thousands of km in
> These measurements were able to track the go-cart's position as it moved
> around the moon.
> The conspiracy theorists have never been able to come up with a hokum
> explanation of direct observations such as these. Any responsible
> evaluation of such observed factoids would suggest that the conspiracy
> theorists were inhaling some might strange weed!
> 73, Tom
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