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Re: Moon Landing Site Spotted

Jeff Davis wrote:
> Interesting story at Space.com:
> WASHINGTON - Put aside those absurd claims the Apollo moon landings were a
> hoax. Two scientists pouring over photos taken by a lunar orbiting
> spacecraft have eyed evidence for a touchdown.
> New research led by Misha Kreslavsky, a space scientist in the department of
> geological sciences at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, has
> found anomalies in the moon's surface in the vicinity of the Apollo 15
> landing site.

The URL didn't work for me. 

However on this topic: Several of the Apollos carried corner cube
retroreflectors. Several observatories around the worldbounce signals off
these "mirrors". To get returns, the laser and detector must be pointed to
the landing site with an accuracy ~10 kilometers (5 arc seconds) and the
returned photons are seen in a range window that matches the moon to better
than one meter.

Also, during the Apollo 17 mission, the S-band downlink of the "go-cart"
and the LEM were tracked with radio interferometer thousands of km in size.
These measurements were able to track the go-cart's position as it moved
around the moon.

The conspiracy theorists have never been able to come up with a hokum
explanation of direct observations such as these. Any responsible
evaluation of such observed factoids would suggest that the conspiracy
theorists were inhaling some might strange weed!

73, Tom
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