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Re: Converter gain and noise.. (Short)

Thanks, Mike, for re-posting that great piece.  I printed it out and saved it last time (in my "how to do things right" file).  

FWIW, I have some observations on my system here at home that might be of interest to others putting together an S-band receive setup, especially if their system is still in "testing" at ground level.

With less than 1 m of RG-8X between the d/c and my rig:
- my converted Drake 2880 has an S3+ noise level on my FT-100 and about S2 on my TS-2000
- with a Conifer preamp ahead of the Drake, the noise level is S5 on the FT-100 and S3 on the TS-2000.
- The TranSystem d/c is S3 on the Drake and S1+ on the TS-2000.

With the system installed at 10 m and pointing at a cold sky, 8 m of RG-6, a coaxial relay, and 20 m of 9913F:
- the Drake + Conifer noise level is S1 on the FT-100.  I have no meter-movement on the TS-2000 (but the audio level "hiss" is at least 6 dB above the off-noise).  It is very easy to hear AO-40 in this configuration.  I plan to replace the coaxial relay with a Hamtronics 2->10m converter and run separate RG-8X to the rig (it's on the to-do list along with 500 other things).
- I have not tested the TranSystem in this configuration, but would expect parallel results.

Jerry, K5OE
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