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Re: Converter gain and noise..

At 14:06 26-04-2001, you wrote:

>Hi Jens,
>I run an attenuator between my Drake and FT-290R MKII IF. I insert 10 dB.
>This gets the S meter near 0. When I first installed my Drake, I ran the 2m
>IF down the tower in a spare run of 1/2" hardline. I had way too much gain!
>So I now run the IF in RG-58 to get a little bit of attenuation. I should
>mention that my FT-290 has been modified with a muTek board. This could be a
>partial reason I have to run the attenuation I do . The muTek board really
>makes the 290 hear well.

Ok, Mike, sounds like the right thing to do. RG58 is a "natural" attenuator 
in that frequency range and cheap too, making the high an advantage, rather 
than inserting an extra attenuator that might make noise or introduce 
impedance mismatch.

73 de OZ1LRG

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