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ISS Flare...

My wife and I just watched ISS/Endeavor pass to the west of us, beneath
the moon and the not-yet completely dark sky there(0138Z).  It was
brighter than GSOC
indicated it would be, and brighter than I expected...but some time
after TCA (south
of west), to my surprise it rather suddenly began to brighten incredibly
in a very
spectacular flare, then slowly faded, in the manner of Iridium flares.

 I've watched many objects pass over the years, from ECHO to
and the space stations and shuttles, and this was by far brighter than
any craft
I've seen in the sky, including the Iridium flares I've seen that were
to be -8 or better in magnitude...very impressive.

So...to the fellow who previously posted an ISS flare experience...Me
too!  I'm a believer.
Too bad these aren't readily predictable.

And darn it, 'forgot my HT in the house...

Steve   W5ZA                        Shreveport, La.

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