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Re: MoRe: SETI on home network & multiple machines

Peter Ellis VK1KEP wrote:
> [snip]
>... and another occasionally available with M$ 2000....
> [snip again]
> The questions are:
> a. One unit over several machines, or one unit per machine?
> b. How is this arranged?

a. each machine runs asynchronously on an independent work unit.

b. Let the Win2k box handle the modem connection and also have a LAN card.
All the other machines are only connected to the LAN. The W2K box therefore
handles all connections with the outside world.

In the W2K box, go to [Control Panel] [Network & Dial Up] and click on the
modem you are using, then select [Properties] [Sharing]. Check the box
Enable Sharing, and if you want the other members of the family to dial the
fone when they want network connections, check the On Demand box.

The computers in your local LAN will have internal unadverised addresses
like 192.168.0.x.
They should select the Win2K box, which will have a LAN address, as their gateway and use a network mask  Others
do the same thing but use LINUX or NOS boxes as their address re-mapping
gateway. Some of the faster DSL systems have the remapping inside the
dedicated DSL modem/router box. You do want to run some sort of firewall
software on the gateway since it sees the outside world, but all the LAN
machines are hidden from the bad guys that prowl for vulnerable machines.

Here at the 'IWI QTH, this is precisely what I have set up. One machine (a
450 MHz Pentium 2) runs Win2K and has both a V.90 Modem and a 10/100
Ethernet card; it uses BlackIce as its firewall. On the Ethernet LAN reside
my Win2K laptop, the wife's Email machine, a print server for the Laserjet
and the various ham computers running Windoze and LINUX as needed. All of
them (except the print server) contribute SETI work units and connect to
the SETI host at Berkeley then they need fresh data. All the machines show
my personal Email address as the user, so they all contribute to my tally
which  now totals ~8 work units per day.

Hope that helped -- 73, Tom
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