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Re: Converter gain and noise..

At 16:14 26-04-2001, you wrote:

>Signals on the AO-40 downlink are never going to be so strong that ground
>station receivers will suffer cross-modulation.

The DESIRED signal is not the problem, as I tried to hint in my post....

>The only time when gain may be an issue is if you have any strong
>out-of-band signals around, in which case the non-linearity problems will
>probably be in the front-end of the RX converter, and adding attenuators at
>IF will do no good.

Here you must assume a low quality converter feeding a high quality radio, 
as could be the case with the el-cheapo MMDS (maybe?).

However, in case of high quality converters this may not hold true if 
feeding an older rig....

It's the old story with having to find the weakest link in the chain before 
you can fix it.

73 de OZ1LRG

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