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Re: [Nova-Net] Anyone else?

Dear Michael-

Along the same lines-

 I'm running v. 2.1i.  Whenever I run Views/Configure Current View a message
comes up on the screen "Invalid Floating Point Operation".  when I click the
"Okay' button everything then seems to work okay.

Further, and perhaps a manifestation- when I fast forward a view and then
release, the AOS and LOS times do not go back to the correct time for the
next pass but continue to reflect the times of the future pass at the time I
release the fast forward arrow.  For example, as I type this, NOVA notes the
next AOS/LOS times for ISS are 15:13/15:18 local at my QTH.  If I fast
forward beyond  these times and release the arrow the data box to the right
of the rectangular map shows the NEXT pass times, i.e., 16:50/16:57.  I then
have to go back to Views, Configure Current View to get the data box to
again show the correct times- 15:13/15:18.  If I fast forward TWO laps and
release, the data box shows the NEXT AOS/LOS times, i.e. 18.26/18.35 and so

Now the question becomes- when did the Floating Point Error problem appear
and, sorry, I can't tell you.  It may have been when I upgraded to v. 2.1j.


Bryant, W2RGG
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> Dear friends,
> A Nova user has been reporting a strange problem that we cannot
> reproduce here.  I wonder if anyone else experiences it.  Basically, if
> he uses the Main Menu/AutoTracking/Select Autotracking Satellite  menu
> selection to change the autotracking satellite, he gets a "floating
> point error" almost every time.  Apparently, more than one View must be
> open and the "desired" satellite must be present in the underneath View
> but not the top View.
> We have tried everything but it just won't misbehave here.  Has anyone
> on Nova-Net experienced this behavior?
> Thanks-
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