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Nasty bug in the AO40Rcv program

AO40Rcv telemetry decoder Users:

Just found a nasty bug in the AO40Rcv program.  It will crash if it is
started in the minimized state(iconic).  The evil part of it is that if you
close the program while it is minimized, it will always try to start up
minimized since this state is saved in the registry and so will crash from
then on.

So don't run the thing minimized until I can get the fix out on my web
site(probably in a day or so)

If you decided to see for yourself if this is true then the only way out is
to delete the registry entry that contains the program startup state.

Click on the "START" buton at the bottom of the screen and click on "Run.."
Type in "regedit" in the program name edit box and run the registry editor
Expand the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" key by clicking on the little plus sign.
Expand the "Software" key
Expand the "AE4JY Software" key
Expand the "AO40Rcv" key (or delete this entire key but you will lose all
your custom AO40Rcv program settings)
Select the "WindowPos" key by clicking on it.
Push the delete key and remove this entry which will force the program to
default back to the normal default view next time it runs.

Sorry for the screw up.

BTW, it is becoming dismally apparent that there is not going to be any good
way to support all the various rigs for auto doppler correction.  No two
radios are the same even from the same manufacturer.  Only those that
support the inc/dec function via serial commands are going to work.  That
list is pretty small.

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