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MoRe: SETI on home network & multiple machines

Thanks for the responses.

This is a sort of PS to my earlier message, to explain more of my situation.

I have a small home network running from a hub with several '486 machines
and also a slowish Pentium running M$ '95, some slow machines with M$ DOS
6.?? & Win3.11, and another occasionally available with M$ 2000. This means
that my sons seem to get their full share each of computing cycles, and I
occasionally find a free machine. (My wife refuses to have a computer in our

As you can see, it would be possible to have several of these machines
putting in spare cycles on one or several SETI@Home data units for several
hours/morning and many hours/evening.

I have the boys trained to turn off monitors when not sitting in front of
one. What I an trying to do is to train the boys to start and shut down
machines in a sensible fashion, too. (e.g. start computer(s) when they get
up in the morning, and only shut down before going to school rather than
each one shutting down and having it rebooted three times before breakfast;
start it/them when they get home from school, and let me shut down when I'm
finished after they've gone to bed.)

The questions are:
a. One unit over several machines, or one unit per machine?
b. How is this arranged?

... and the info was NOT apparent from the SETI site.

That's why I asked the AMSAT-BB experts !


Peter Ellis
Amateur Radio VK1KEP

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