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[ANNOUNCE] KTelemetryDemod-0.9 and QTelemetryView-0.9

Hi list,

I would like to announce KTelemetryDemod-0.9 and
QTelemetryView-0.9 which are multi-platform AO-40 telemetry
demodulator and -viewer applications respectively.

But first:


I would normally not resort to such methods but I am quickly running out
of options here. I have got a big problem, and I hope some of you who are
reading this can help me solve it. I understand that there are some people
from Universities EE and CS departments on this list. I am finishing my
German Dipl.Ing. (FH) and British B.Eng. degree this summer. I am desperately
searching for a place of study in an _interesting_ MSEE and/or
Ph.D. program in Communication Engineering, maybe combined with a
teaching/research assistantship in some English-speaking country
(preferable USA). Most important criterion for me is quality, though; I
would like to learn as much as possible. My main interests are

- Information theory (modulation, coding, iterative codes)
- Digital Signal Processing
- Satellite and deep-space communication

Some site developing/building their own satellite or deep space probe from
scratch would be optimum.
I could write pages about my home institution's and this University's here (NE
England) incompetence of educating and guiding young people and dimbulb fellow
students only into the area because of fat salary prospects. I suspect,
however, most of you have gone through the same, know what I am talking
about and have an idea about how disappointing all this is.
If you have, and are in a position to make a difference, please help
save a poor geek soul.

I hope this wasn't too dramatic, but I have quite strong feelings about
this and am pretty much panicking now. I cannot stress enough how important
that is to me.
Please send me an email if you have an idea or see some chance. Thanks!


Now back to KTelemetryDemod and QTelemetryView. These are part of my final
year thesis, "Digital Communication with P3d and Future Amateur Radio 


A KDE2 application which reads audio data either from .WAV file or directly
sound card, demodulates the 400bps BPSK telemetry signal and outputs data 
through a TCP/UDP network socket.

Features (from README):
- Nice user interface with lots of "bells and whistles" (TM)
- Many important DSP parameters are user-controllable
- DSP engine uses coherent demodulation by means of a second order Costas
  loop design, should be fairly optimum
- Maximum-likelihood decision directed symbol timing estimation
- Decision feedback equalizer (DFE) with decision directed automatic tap
  adjustment to compensate for broken equipment and/or frequency response
  problems on transmission path
- Does initial discovery of carrier frequency using spectral estimation
  method - thus generally no manual tuning necessary, but possible
- Diverse output formats (raw / raw+stuff / STP (KA9Q Internet Satellite
  Telemetry Protocol)
- Supports Internet multicast for output data


QTelemetryView is, as the name suggests, not a KDE application but only based
on Qt. It is basically a Python script which uses PyQt (Python Qt bindings 
from TheKompany) to present a nice user interface. It receives data from the 
network and displays text and data areas of received telemetry frames after 
decoding them according to the AO-40 telemetry specification on 
http://www.amsat.de. It was designed to work in concert with KTelemetryDemod 
but will also accept data from any other STP compilant demod application 
(like Tom's for example).

- Portable. Should run on every platform Python and Qt are available for, and
  these are quite a lot. Includes even the toy OSs.
- Receives data via UDP socket
- Supports STP (KA9Q Satellite Telemetry Protocol)
- Supports IP multicast
- Checks frame CRC on its own


Screenshot of both applications:

Further info and download:

My homepage (root):

Questions / Comments / Bug reports / -fixes:

I hope these will be of some use.
Happy hunting,

  -- Jens
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