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Having just this morning got my first lot of telemetry from AO40, looking 
through it there seem to quite a few 'Events' listed that go back quite a 
while, is this some data corruption, or are old events transmitted 

Is there any software for Doppler correction on radios like the PCR1000 
that I use for my I.F. ? correcting the frequency this morning by doing 2 * 
100Hz down clicks manually every other block was very tedious. A single 250 
Hz click lost lock, but 2 * 100Hz clicks did'nt! There is no way of using 
the microphone up/down clicks as it is receive only, so I set the step to 
100Hz and just press the arrow keys on the keyboard to step up or down.

There seem to be quite a few people using these " software controlled " 
radios these days, they make brilliant tunable IF's with no chance of 
transmitting into your convertor. I think that there are several others 
that work in this way, so perhaps one of the software writers could look at 
implementing some solution to this. Unfortunately I'm not a programmer, but 
someone out there may have the time and patience to do this.

G4DMF Amsat-UK member

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