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Hi friends,

I don't know if this is off topic but I found this interesting program for
those who like space.
It's called ORBITER and it's programmed by Martin Schweiger, a phd from
London University. Orbiter it's a spatial simulator that uses physics real
models and stars movement and it can be used to learn how a vehicle moves on
space and the dynamic behavior without gravity. The program has
sophisticated calculation instruments. You can lift off with one of the two
spacecrafts at your disposal, take the ideal angle to leave the earth's
atmosphere, calculate an orbit to enter softly in another planet atmosphere
and land. A good comprehension of the docs, with its mathematical formulas,
it's essential for the success of this "game". A catalog of about 16000
stars is included. The planets of our solar system are included in the stars
that one can visit, and some of them are equippe with astroports. Every
single object can be edited from the .cfg file and we can also add items.
Although you can use the keyboard a joystick is recommended. The program
works fine under Windows and it's not very graphic atractive (but is fine).
The author promisses to improve that issue. Completely free I think it worth
a try. If you want to download it just go to my website at
http://www.qsl.net/ct1ete and choose ORBITER Link on the main frame.

Best 73

CT1ETE, Paulo Pinto
P.O.Box 1026
4811-908 Guimaraes

mobile phone: +351966370203

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