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Re: ISS Packet Experiment

> There's just to much APRS interference on the ISS uplink.  I heard APRS
> packets on UO-14 and the ISS-Shuttle complex wasn't anywhere near North
> America.  No wonder key boarders are having a difficult time getting
> digipeated. The APRS packets I've monitored have all been from the same
> locations. No one is moving.  How many times does an APRS station need to
> tell everyone they haven't gone anywhere.

There has been a large amount of packet QRM on UO14 recently, but since I
don't have a TNC I couldn't tell you what it is. It covers up the guys
running 200 milliwatts and a wet noodle and makes the guys who just talk
over it because no one else can get in seem like jerks. Anybody want to take
a listen and find out who the stations are...maybe let them know what's
going on?

Drew, KO4MA

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