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Re: ISS Packet Experiment

Someone wrote...

> There's just too much APRS interference on the ISS uplink....

Hummh... , I see much less APRS via ISS than other categories.
Actually, from all the packets and postings I have seen, I would say only
about 10% of the packets are "APRS".... 

> ......  I heard APRS  packets on UO-14 and the ISS-Shuttle complex
> wasn't anywhere near North  America.  No wonder key boarders are having
> a difficult time getting digipeated. 

Interesting.... How can all the packets successfully heard on UO-14 be
uniquely APRS, when most packets going via ISS are other types?

> The APRS packets I've monitored have all been from the same locations.
> No one is moving....

Its probably not safe to try to do an ISS pass while driving...
Is your station moving?...  Do you operate from the same location always?

> How many times does an APRS station need to tell everyone they
> havent gone anywhere...

Probably about the same number of times that someone needs to say
anything else in HAM radio.  For example, here is a copy of  packets on
the last pass reported by N1ORC to the SIG:

DATE: 04/24/01  
12:18:47]: <UI>:
12:19:55]: <UI>:hi paul in sfla
12:20:39]: <UI>:>EL96ud/- 73's Paul <XXXXXX@arrl.net>hi ray south florida
12:22:25]: <UI>:welcome to iss chat room
12:23:07]: <<UI>>:
12:23:32]: <<UI>>:QSL to KC1ML
12:23:35]: <<UI>>:hi to all
12:23:44]: <UI>:hi mark, where in mass?, chelmsfud here
12:25:02]: <<UI>>:'fH~l j/]kb2wqm@amsat.org
12:25:15]: <<UI>>:'fH~l j/]
12:25:43]: <UI>:this is the r0iss chat room on iss
12:26:10]: <UI>:ok mike on ply
12:26:48]: <UI>:monitoring 7.215 lsb
12:27:10]: <UI>:73 iss, see u next pass
12:27:34]: <UI>:

I see two of 15 are APRS (13%).  And the 9 bytes of gyberisn in the APRS
packet communicated the following on an APRS display:

1) His position to the nearest 60 feet (Plotted on a map)
2) His type of radio was a Kenwood TM-D700
3) His vehicle was a Jeep
4) His course was 000 and his speed was 000 (safe driver)
5) And his Email address.

Except for his email address, all this information was conveyed in only 9
bytes in the information field of the packet.  Seems like a pretty
efficient use of the channel and sharing it with others...

My experience has been that no one wins by condeming the choice of
information content in amateur communications.  You will never get half 
the people to agree to any one aspect of our great hobby.  Best thing to
do is to look at the successful packets and be proud to be a part of such
a diverse set of interests...  Glad to see everyone gets a chance...

de WB4APR, Bob

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