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Re: AO-40 orbit 221 (and some encouraging words/photos)

For those of you curious about my "tower" ;-).....

It's a standard green steel "fence post", driven into the ground with a 
sledge hammer about 2-3 feet as I recall?  I put the Yeasu 5500 on about 
6-7' of steel pipe, and the base of it is jammed in the ground a bit.  Then 
I used a handful of hose clamps to secure it.  Nothing like looking right 
down your antennas to line it up with Polaris!

Does it wobble a bit?  Sure.  Is it easy to work on antennas and 
downconverters?  SURE :)  Stand on an upside down bucket, like I do.  Those 
of you with the LONG M^2 antennas won't get away with this..heh.  But for a 
10' antenna or shorter, it's a setup I've used for about 7 years now??  And 
it has survived two hurricanes, as well.

Another local ham put up a similar "tower" and heard AO-40 for the first 
time this AM (hi Bob N0QFQ!)


Mark N8MH

At 08:57 AM 4/24/2001 -0800, Mike and Donna West wrote:
>Hi Mark,
>I was just looking at your antenna farm.  Do you just have a pole in the
>ground to mount the rotors????  If so how deep????
>I've been working on a unit that will move two sets of rotors with one
>controller.  But I do like the idea of just a pole like yours.
>de mike

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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