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Re: Receiving AO-40 on S-band, finally

Margaret Leber wrote:
> Hey, it ****WORKS****!
> I'm decoding AO-40 on S-Band!
> K5OE 16-turn helix into a Millicom downconverter (thanks N0NSV for
> importing them!) on my FT-847, decoding with Tom Sailer's multiplatform
> sound card decoder. (Need to get the STP UDP network stuff working now.)

Way to go ! 
Assuming you are using the dreaded L***x 'os , could you tell me what
software you are using to decode telemetry ? , also are you using OSS or
ALSA drivers for your soundcard ?

Of course I guess I should go check out the amsat site , I suppose all
the answers are right under my nose ;^)

I'm gonna have crawl up on my roof and put my dish up there before I can
hear anything from ao-40 , unfortunately I have a neighbor directly
south of me that built a huge metal sided garage last year and its just
like a brick wall to ao-40 :^(

So ground mount is out !

Ah , what we hams put ourselves through to hear little squeeky signals
out of the ether ;^}

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
Registered L***x user # 188922
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