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AO-40 orbit 221 (and some encouraging words/photos)

Hello all,

Well as far as orbit 221 goes---about all I can say is WOW!  There was some 
fading, but I'm never sure if it's from my trees, or the bird.

In any event, I got something like 132/350-some blocks this AM.  I know 
others are doing better, but this is a personal best for me thus far I'm 
pretty sure.

I want to share some photos of my array, in hopes of encouraging some of 
you to go ahead and put SOMETHING up soon to try and copy the S2 band 
telemetry beacon.

My basic setup is as follows:

1) TranSystem downconverter--only mods include cutting the "notch" 
filter/coax, and I've soldered a 60 deg PTC thermistor on top of the 
crystal (yes, it seems to help).

2) 3' BBQ style dish (purchased with above TranSystem converter)

3) Icom PCR-1000 receiver; using mic clicks for doppler (manual)

4) homebrew trackbox driving Yeasu G-5500

5) AO40Rcv 1.23 (running in Windows 2000 Professional)

Here is the fun part--check out my array and it's "view" of the horizon (if 
you can call it that :-)


I also have a Wimo 30 turn helix on the array right now, too.  Hands down, 
the dish beats it by an obvious margin.  So if you CAN deal with a dish, do it.

So, I hope some of you will go ahead and try to copy some telemetry.  Don't 
be too worried about not hearing anything--something is better than 
nothing, at least for me!


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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