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Re: YAM and other Packet modems

Have a look at the AGW Packet Engine. It shows the YAM packet modem
1200/9600 baud as supported.
It supports most available TNC's and also TCPIP internet gateway etc. There
is a tcpip driver available for NT as well.

After checking the drivers for the YAM modem however I could only find a vxd
and mcs file, looks like you are out of luck.

The author writes that he intends to upgrade all drivers to miniport
versions for W2K.
Generally ham radio software requiring special drivers for WinNT are scarce.
A ham has more avenues open if he sticks to Win9X.

73! Helmut VK4STR

> > I was wondering if anyone has the YAM packet modem running on a computer
> > with WinNT 4 as the operating system...
> > I am not interested in changing my Operating System or my computer...
> The software based decoders are much less expensive compared to
> the TNC systems with own CPU and RS232 interface.
> The price: you cannot run it with every OS and computer hardware.
> It happened more than once that such software based devices became
> fully obsolete because the fast 'evolution' of operating systems.
> 73! Ulf, DK9SJ

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