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Re: Tracking AO-40 w/ C band

>## I find your limited dish movement angle surprizing.  I have installed
>over 100 professionally and can usually get about 120 degrees of movement
>before the actuator arm limits.  I wonder if your arm is on the east side
>of the mounting pole.  It should have been installed on the west side of
>the dish for covering 180-250.  Of course you may have a short actuator
>arm.  Standard up in Alaska are 24 inch ones.

Agreed that there is 120 degrees or more of *movement* there,  but the
compass azimuth coverage is 180 (Due South - actually a lil East of South)
over to 250 (West/Southwest).  Elevation angle at 180 az is 47 degrees,
and at 250 az it's around 19 degrees.
Yep,  dish is standard "East Coast" setup - jack on the west side.  I could
get a little more coverage,  but don't like to strain the jack too much.  It's
a 5 year old "Skylighter" brand - I've replaced plenty of these units out
in the
field - not too heavy duty.  So I baby it a little -hi.


Rich Dailey, KA8OKH - Phyllis Dailey, KB4NPI
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