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Re: SETI on home network & multiple machines

Peter Ellis VK1KEP wrote:
> Calling all AMSAT and other SETI@Home folk,
> I'm on my way with SETI! One data unit down...
> Now, what I probably missed were your helpful instructions for getting
> SETI@Home going on a home network. I can't find it anywhere in the FAQs or
> How-To for:
> - dialling in from ONE machine, and either:
> - - having ALL machines working on the SAME data unit;
> - - having different machines working on different data units.
> I did find mention of how to MOVE data units between machines, but it's not
> clear whether that means that the first machine can then request another
> data unit.
> Your expertise will be welcomed.
> Thanks,
> Peter Ellis
> Amateur Radio VK1KEP

Peter -- what I do here is pretty trivial. Multiple machines in the house
have access to the internet. In my case, a Windoze 2000 machine acts as the
gateway by clicking the "shared modem" box, and all the communication
within the house is on an Ethernet LAN. 

But however they have access, each machine runs its own copy of the
SETI@HOME software and handles its own data needs. Each computer works on
its own data gulp. What links them all to you is that they all share your
username. Some of us have a couple of machines running at work also, and
each contributes to out tally even though they are in different locations.

For the others out there, if you click on our group status board at
you will see that the 66 members have now completed over 47000 work units
with 92.5 ours of computing time. This is a most impressive showing since
it less than a wee since I suggested this activity. 

Some folks are clicking off work units in 8 hours, while others take 72.
Here I see my 600 MHz Pentium 3 laptop running Win2K is taking about 15
hours per work unit. But my wife's Email box takes about 60 hours.

73, Tom
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