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RE: portable operating technique with Arrow

> Yeah, that was always an issue for me. I never did set up a 
> satisfactory
> recorder rig. And now that I have one in my Linux box, I 
> don't need it quite so
> bad.  

I had some success using an FM wireless mic to link to a portable recorder.
A second FM receiver was then used to drive the headphones so I could hear
the bird myself.  This worked _brilliantly_ for SO-35.  On the J birds,
there were a couple of hiccups:

1.  The frequency of my FM transmitter (around 87-88 MHz) was close to 1/5th
of the 435 MHz downlinks, so I tended to QRM myself with the 5th harmonic.
2.  Some FM receivers get desensed when transmitting on 2m...

With a bit of work, one could overcome these limitations.

> > I have a PalmPilot that could run PocketSat, but paper 
> Ephemeris printouts are 
> > smaller, lighter, easier to use, and don't require batteries.
> And if you need to make a stop in the woods, you can find an 
> alternative use for
> them, especially the expired ones. Use as soft a paper as 
> your printer will
> accept...

Hehehe, I actually just take note of the rise and set positions of the bird
and mentally visualise the path it will take.  Rx signal strength is all I
need then to point the beam in the right patch of the sky.
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