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Re: portable operating technique with Arrow

Estes Wayne-W10191 wrote:

> Ed Cole wrote:
>> Now how do you wave the Arrow, click the mike, change channels and write down call >>signs at the same time?  The call signs lost out.  Guess I will need to look into a >>tape recorder.  A headset-boom mic would work fine with the VOX.

Yeah, that was always an issue for me. I never did set up a satisfactory
recorder rig. And now that I have one in my Linux box, I don't need it quite so

> I have a PalmPilot that could run PocketSat, but paper Ephemeris printouts are 
> smaller, lighter, easier to use, and don't require batteries.

And if you need to make a stop in the woods, you can find an alternative use for
them, especially the expired ones. Use as soft a paper as your printer will

73 de Maggie K3XS
 ...who couldn't hear AO-40 this morning (although not doing as well as the
fellow who heard the darned thing turn on with the six-meter dish doesn't bother
me much).

Hoping for better tomorrow morning, when the squint angle is less squinty. I
*was* able to hear our 2.4GHz TV relay transmitter through two exterior walls,
so that's hopeful. 

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