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portable operating technique with Arrow

Ed Cole wrote:

Now how do you wave the Arrow, click the mike, change channels and write down call signs at the same time?  The call signs lost out.  Guess I will need to look into a tape recorder.  A headset-boom mic would work fine with the VOX.

Wayne replies:

I'm planning to activate some rare grids on a 2-week bicycle tour in September in upper Michigan.  Here's what I have in mind.  Kenwood TH-78 full-duplex dual-band HT (a friend is selling one really cheap!).  That way I can hear if I'm getting in or not.  Pryme headset/boom microphone with a remote PTT switch attached to the handle of the Arrow antenna.  This is an option that Pryme sells primarily for bicycle/motorcycle mobile use.  With one hand steering the antenna AND operating the PTT, my other hand will be free for writing down callsigns and the occasional channel change to adjust for Doppler.  I suppose VOX would work, but a remote PTT switch is simpler and more reliable than VOX.  I will be traveling light so I don't want to mess with a tape recorder.  I have a PalmPilot that could run PocketSat, but paper Ephemeris printouts are smaller, lighter, easier to use, and don't require batteries.

Wayne Estes W9AE

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