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Re: Why Landline?

From: "Timothy J. Salo" <salo@saloits.com>

> I assume the irony of these messages being sent to an Internet mail
> reflector (rather than to a satellite or packet BBS) is not lost on
> most readers.

Actually, until I read this I had never really thought about the fact that I
probably spend more time, on-average, each day reading amateur radio related
email reflectors (I am subscribed to approximately 7 of these -- some with
huge daily volumes (i.e., QRP-L)) than I do actually operating.  When I came
to that realization it sort of made me sad, to tell you the truth...

On the bright side, though, the original question was an interesting one.
Perhaps this is a worthy point of departure for the discussion of the next
generation PACSAT's.

 Assuming that the "system" will be designed from the ground up and assuming
(just for the purpose of discussion) that the standard ground station was
say 9600 baud with NON-steereable antennas (so many folks live in restricted
areas or simply do not have the space or resources) running 25 watts up and
a good NF pre-amp on the downlink, what could be done?  I know I would get a
lot more of a kick out of the AMSAT-BB if I was getting it via satellite, as
opposed to the Internet...  I sort of lost interest in 1200 baud birds
because there was so little content on them before they died ...

And maybe this is do-able today on KO-25 or somewhere else -- I've never
tried it, but maybe someone has and can point me (and others) in the right
direction for getting re-involved in PACSATs...


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