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Re: Why Landline?

Dave Guimont wrote:

> And I too wonder why so much of that "intelligence passing" is taking 
> place on this reflector?
> I suppose someone will explain it to me...

Well, if the digital sats worked as well as Internet email does 
(especially in terms of latency and reliable delivery), and if as many 
of us were equipped for them as are equipped for this, we might. Not 
everybody is prepared to hack their radio to get more than 9.6k of data, 
for one thing. Nor do I currently have autopointing on my antennas.

Nor can you boostrap a newbie in if all the good talk is on the 
birds.How's he gonna get elmered? Is that like a VCR that comes with an 
installation video?

"I need help, my digital sat station is down!" *That* message isn't 
going to flow on a sat-based link, unless somebody relays it.

I would imagine that Internet-attached ground-based mirror of the files 
and traffic that are currently on-orbit would do much toward encouraging 
routine use of the digital birds...just as the presence of aprs.net has 
promoted APRS activity. I haven't heard a *word* about satgates in ages. 
Do any still exist?

You know, even NASA uses terrestrial circuits.

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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