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RE: Fun on UO-14

> I believe the bio people up here *are* known to track 
> migratory animals 
> (including meese) who have been tagged with radio beacons.

Hehe, they do that here as well with various animals. :-)

> KF4UTD says on his AO-27 website (one that really helped me 
> get started)
>    "Once your neighbors see you in the back yard waving an 
> antenna back 
> and forth, they may call the police or the nearest mental 
> institution. 
> If you tell them you're talking to someone on a small, quickly moving 
> satellite, they'll commit you immediately."

LOL.  Seems we Aussies are a bit more open minded, I've used the truth, and
it's gone down well with the neighbours.  One of them has even taken to
satellite spotting (visually) in the warmer months.  She's got a real buzz
from spotting ISS or some other moving point of light.  Not bad for an
elderley lady. :-)
> "I recommend hanging several shirts over the Arrow antenna. It then 
> looks like you're trying to speed up the drying of some 
> laundry, while 
> talking on your cellphone. The neighbors won't blink an eye..."

LOL, what can I say? :-)
>                 -- http://www.cstone.net/~deasy/ham/
> And in our backyard we have a tripod with 20el 2m and 30el 
> 70cm Yagis. 
> It's been dubbed "Spiny Norman". I may tell the neighbors it's for 
> casting Wiccan circles.

Hehehe, cute. :)
> We just added the S-band helix...can't wait for a good AO-40 
> pass to try 
> it out. May crank it up in the morning just to see...right 
> now S2 is off.

Oh, OK.  Good luck. :)
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