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Re: FT-817 Question

Regarding the not-full-duplex issue, I can offer solid evidence of it not being "absolutely necessary" for satellite work.  I operated most of last year with nothing but an FT-100--the FT-817's big brother (if you consider the FT-847 it's father).  I worked every analog satellite with that radio (except RS-15, did not even try), including all the SSB/CW birds.  You can see my log at:  
..select "2000 Satellite Log."  All the entries past the middle of January are with the FT-100.  You will note plenty of SSB and CW contacts sprinkled in there.

I also took the FT-100 to Russia with me and worked stations in Europe on RS-13, FO-20, and AO-10 as well.

Don't misunderstand me.  I am not advocating the FT-817 as a primary satellite radio, but it will certainly work if you give it a try.  You have to work at it and you really should have some experience on the analog birds to be effective (know where and how).  The software solutions will only make it easier, when available.
Jerry, K5OE

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