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Re: RS-15

In article <008d01c0cb5e$b9a2ea40$d922fea9@ko4ma>, Drew Glasbrenner
<glasbrenner@mindspring.com> writes
>Well this afternoon I finally heard RS15. I saw about an hour ahead of time
>that there was going to be a 70+ deg pass here in Florida, so I hastily
>whipped together a 10m loop to compare to my tribander and hung it from eave
>to fence facing the closest approach of the satellite. I managed to hear the
>beacon from about 15 deg on either side with the tribander, and slightly
>worse with the loop. At closest approach a tried to hear my uplink, about
>100 watts, on both CW and SSB. No luck at all there, nor did I hear anyone

I tried RS-15 yesterday (Saturday) when it passed nearly overhead over
the UK. (Maximum elevation 85 degrees) I had recently put up a home brew
10m wire dipole for RS-12. The elements are made from RG58 with the
inner and screen soldered together at the dipole centre. It is about
10ft above ground and fed with RG213, through a 10m preamp and then to
my IC706IIG.

The 2m uplink was 75W into a horizontal beam with no elevation.

To my surprise I did actually hear my own SSB downlink for about 2
minutes of the pass. I've never managed that before! Pity I could not
hear anyone else. No signal showing on the meter but pretty clear audio
just above the noise floor. I think the DSP feature in the Icom makes
some difference on being able to pick out weak signals. Maybe one fine
day I'll actually make a contact.

It's an awkward split on the frequencies on the two bands though. RS-12
is much easier to work out in my head where to be on the uplink :)

Signals from RS-12 with the same setup get up to S7 on the meter so
there is quite a difference and plenty of room for improvement yet.

73  John  M1BTR
  QRV 6m 2m 70cm 23cm  Member: AMSAT-UK BATC RIG RSGB UK6mG UKRS
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