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Re: FT-817 Question

Bruce, Frank, Jim:

Well, what you say is true about the disadvantage of not having duplex.  I
was disappointed in two things about the FT-817:  one was no duplex and the
other was limiting wbfm to 76-108 MHz.  I understand why on both.  This is
not intended to be a satellite radio [they make a fine one called the
FT-847, and I have it].  The other was using wbfm on microwaves at a 30 MHz
IF [off topic].

My early experience on the Leo's seems that it works fine without duplex
[this there is little argument].  I think there is software out there in
development to solve the problem for FO-29, AO-10, and AO-40 linear
transponder use.  I am hoping so.  I see this little radio becoming a real
star for satellite if tuning software can be made [sw would compensate for
doppler]. Its 0.5-5.0w output is perfect for driving VHF-microwave xvtrs.
Couple its small size with that of a xvtr, 60cm dish, and it is a perfect
apartment or vacation rig!  DX-pedition in one suitcase!

The question for Frank is whether he wants to take a chance on tuning
software being developed.  Oh, I chose the cw filter, since it would see
more utility in a QRP rig.  BTW only one filter may be installed at a time.
 I recently used it to talk 80 miles on 6m ground-wave using a 3 element
yagi.  It sounds really nice on ssb.  Ought to be great mobile rig...I'll
report back in two weeks on that!

This little radio really grows on you.

>From: "Bruce Paige" <kk5do@arrl.net>
>> "Frank Grossman (WB2BXO)" wrote:
>> > I'm considering purchase of an FT-817 for both satellite and H.F. work.
>> > I've noticed though, that some basic features, like CW and sideband
>> > are options.  (I realize it's not a full duplex radio.)
>> Frank,
>>     As far as I'm concerned, the lack of full duplex makes it TOTALLY
>> UNACCEPTABLE for the linear satellites.  This was truly stupid on the
part of
>> Yaesu.  It's fine for the FM birds, but without full duplex it's just
>> above worthless for the SSB birds.
>i use my icom w32a ht and i don't use full duplex. i know with the 5 watts
i am 
>getting into the satellite so i don't care to hear myself. on fo-20/29 or
>yes, you have to hear yourself to know if you have the uplink/downlink
>but on uo-14 and ao-27, i have never adjusted my uplink, ever. i leave it
>if you are going to use fo-20/29 or ao-10 then yes, you must have full
>uo-14, ao27, nope, not necessary.

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