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RE: Fun on UO-14

Hello Ed

> Now how do you wave the Arrow, click the mike, change channels and write
> down call signs at the same time?  The call signs lost out.  Guess I will
> need to look into a tape recorder.  A headset-boom mic would work fine
> the VOX.  Yeh, this radio might have promise.

There is another way with an FT-817, which I've been playing around with for
about a month now...

If you have an old laptop (which still holds charge) or even smaller a
Windows CE device running PocketDOS, you can run IntantTrack + InstantTune
(a beta G6LVB version for the FT-817), and an audio recorder on the PC.

I've run IT + IT on an old mono Sharp HC4100 WinCE machine circa 1997, and
I've seen them on eBay for $60. PocketDOS is $35.

IT + IT was recommended to me by Jerry K5OE and I now wouldn't operate
portable without it.

So, that's two less jobs - both the logging and the doppler's done for you.

Two other things I learnt - a foot switch and headsets do help a lot. That
leaves you with one hand free to hold your coffee and one foot to do with
what ever you like.

73 Howard G6LVB

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