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Re: Using C band polar mounts w/ ao-40

Maybe my theory and thinking is wrong, but lets say that a dish has 
a surface error of .5 wave length at 4 Ghz then it would only have an
error of .25 at 2 Ghz making it BETTER. Or am I thinking wrong. 
Although at 2 Ghz it still has less gain than at 4 Ghz. 


Tony Dinkel wrote:
> A typical home tvro dish is pretty sloppy at its design center
> frequency of 4 gHz and would be even more so at the lower frequency
> of 2.3 gHz.  As I recall, a good 10' solid parabolic has a 3dB
> beamwidth of 3 or so degrees at 2 gHz.  Add in a little surface
> roughness or some non symmetry as is so common with a home dish and
> you end up with quite a fudge factor.  Bottom line here is...it just
> may work pretty darn good!
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