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Fun on UO-14, part two

Hey that was even better.  Heard the satellite shortly after predicted AOS
[~1927].  Immediately, I hear VE6EGN, Egan in Alberta for contact No. 1
using the FT-817/Arrow.  At first being low elevation I was shooting
between the house and my 2.5m dish, it was a little dicey.  But soon the
satellite rose in elevation and I had Egan solid copy.  

It was interesting to see the polarization flop over 90 degrees at higher
elevation.  Had to tune the full range 435.080-435.060 during the pass.
Also heard a W0 in ND and W7UV, several others including Hollywood, CA
right at LOS.  At one point I had a strong station but distorted...then
remembered to tune down a channel.  Looks like either the predicts are off
two minutes or maybe I can't copy well on the horizon.

This was a nice 14 minute pass so had longer to goof up ;-)  But starting
to get the hang of it.  Without having duplex I felt I did OK.  I still
need practise in keeping on the bird.  During mid-pass it took little
antenna movement.  Egan's strong signal was also a blessing when I would
lose the satellite.  Not sure I'll be on the next pass as it covers only
Alaska and NW Canada down to Vancouver. 

Well guess I'm {more or less} ready for my trip to Michigan in a week.


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