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Re: Using C band polar mounts w/ ao-40

On Sun, 22 Apr 2001, Edward R. Cole wrote:

> The dish will still not track AO-40 over the entire orbit since it is on
> essentially an equatorial mount.  AO-40 will appear to vary from +5 degrees
> from the equatorial plane to some angle below it depending on MA. 

But I think the beauty of this is that AO-40 is only below the equator
during perogee (3% of the time) and  you would have to live at low
latitudes to see it anyway...

To me, the simplicity of using a TVRO mount for small inclination 
orbits certainly gives credence to looking more closely at the simplicity
of Geosynchronous-Transfer-Orbits for amateur microwave payloads...

Further, since the gain of the 3m dish is more than adequate, then
removing some of the mesh along the top and bottom of the dish would
widen its Vertical beamwidth allowing for much more slop in inclination
while retiaing plenty of horizontal gain.  Thus, I would recommend
placing your 1/2 wave Sband dipole Vertical so that you get the full dish
gain in the horizontal plane and less gain (and therefore wider beamwidth)
in the vertical plane.  Then movement of the satelite up and down by 5
degrees or so wont matter much if any...

de wb4apr, Bob

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