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Re: FT-817 Question

Date sent:      	Sun, 22 Apr 2001 11:42:25 -0700
From:           	Jim Walls <k6ccc@earthlink.net>
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Subject:        	Re: [amsat-bb] FT-817 Question

> "Frank Grossman (WB2BXO)" wrote:
> > I'm considering purchase of an FT-817 for both satellite and H.F. work.
> > I've noticed though, that some basic features, like CW and sideband filters
> > are options.  (I realize it's not a full duplex radio.)
> Frank,
>     As far as I'm concerned, the lack of full duplex makes it TOTALLY
> UNACCEPTABLE for the linear satellites.  This was truly stupid on the part of
> Yaesu.  It's fine for the FM birds, but without full duplex it's just barely
> above worthless for the SSB birds.

i use my icom w32a ht and i don't use full duplex. i know with the 5 watts i am 
getting into the satellite so i don't care to hear myself. on fo-20/29 or ao-10, 
yes, you have to hear yourself to know if you have the uplink/downlink sync'd. 
but on uo-14 and ao-27, i have never adjusted my uplink, ever. i leave it fixed.

if you are going to use fo-20/29 or ao-10 then yes, you must have full duplex. 
uo-14, ao27, nope, not necessary.


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