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RE: AO-40 Telemetrie

Hello Michael

> I started at MA171 (59k km, 75deg squint). The signal was there but
> to weak. Until MA197 (45k km, 64deg squint) I got 46 blocks, bad CRCC.
> The first block was at MA 178. I stopped listening at 03:35 local ...


> It seems to me that the pass loss is to high for this squint angles.
> Maybee someone has equal experiences with the bird ????

I didn't try last night, but on Saturday 21 April between 08:30 and 10:30
UTC I got 550 frames, 200 good.

That was MA 222 to 250.

I could hear the sat out at about 35,000km, MA 220, but I couldn't get any
good frames.

I got half my blocks off the the S-band antenna side lobe from about MA222
to MA231.

Between MA232 and 239 it was very difficult, with nearly no good frames at
all, although I could still hear it, it was weak and there was masses of

Interestingly during this time when I was hardly receiving anything, I was
on the #amsat IRC with another station on the US East Coast who was
receiving OK. Similarly, the other way around, when I had been receiving
good blocks off the side lobe, the US station oculdn't. I'd guess that was
where the lobes were pointing at the time.

Between about MA240 and MA250 I got the other half of my blocks, off the
main antenna lobe. At MA250 I had LOS as the sat disappeared behind my
nextdoor neighbor who's a couple of storeys higher than me.

I have a setup as follows, probably quite similar to your own:

o  30 turn Wimo helix
o  DB6NT MKU232-A2 preamp (0.65dB NF, 40dB gain)
o  60m (!!) Westflex W-103
o  AOR AR-5000
o  AO40RCV 1.22

> I stopped listening at 03:35 local ...

I hate to say this, but you should've stayed up another couple of hours...
for MA220 - MA255 :-(

Good luck

73 Howard G6LVB

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