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Fun on UO-14

First time to use both the FT-817 and the new Arrow on a short eastern
pass...heard VE6, VE7, K7, and I think K6.  Didn't work anyone but had a
couple come back to me.  Bet my neighbors really had fun watching the nut
standing in the snow in his yard waving a funny looking antenna.  {"hey,
look Martha, he's tracking moose"}

Well got kind of busy after hearing the satellite.  At first nothing, then
about 4 minutes into the pass got a little quieting followed immediately by
activity.  I wasn't sure how the 10 KHz steps in tuning at 435 was going to
work out.  Actually fine when I remembered to change channels to track the
doppler.  Since the FT-817 does not work duplex mode it doesn't track 145
with tuning 435 either, so you have to pre-program five channels with the
anticipated frequency pairs.  That worked fine.  I though maybe I would
need to tune the vfo, but wasn't necessary [so I locked it so I wouldn't
bump it].

I was also pleased that the two or three times I called, I had a response,
so my 5w was heard.  Of course the first half of the pass it was just the
Canadians and me.  Pretty tricky finding the right polarization
orientation...it finally turned out that being horizontal in 435 worked
well.  The pass max elevation was 8 degrees so I was shooting through the
trees all the time; mostly it seemed that the satellite was on the horizon.
 LOS was at 1755 [two minutes before predicted].  

Now how do you wave the Arrow, click the mike, change channels and write
down call signs at the same time?  The call signs lost out.  Guess I will
need to look into a tape recorder.  A headset-boom mic would work fine with
the VOX.  Yeh, this radio might have promise.

All told, I think I might like this ;-)  The next pass is better as it
rises to 35.4 degrees; my window 1926-1949 UTC.

{well the Canada Arm was just finished on the ISS...the're celebrating on
NASA-TV...well done! eh?}

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